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0mg_wtf_l0l0rz's Journal

0mg! 0mg! 0mg!
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I, the high and mighty Maki (also known as silicated), have grown quite tired of the complete and utter dumbfucks who plague Livejournal land. Thus, this community. It is where for the pissed off, the disdainful, the ones who always claimed that they were "better-than-thou" lay all their dissatisfaction in. Here we will deride anyone we choose. The main purpose of this community is to post portions of writing, "art", and journals of people who are complete and utter morons. Here we poke fun at their so-called "k3wLn3zZ", and in certain events that normally would spawn a huge and ugly drama and get you banned from dumbfuck communities -- here, we shall laugh and sneer at them with you. This is where the sharp and the cynical congregate; a masochist torture chamber for idiots and cloud nine for the intellectuals. Take no heed of the more than unappealing title; it is but up to those able to utilize profundity (granted you are one yourself) who can decipher the real meaning behind the label.

01. We do NOT tolerate "0mFg-wUt-s-dAt-tNg-L0L0L0L0L0L0RZ!!!!11!!!!111" writing, as much as the community title may seem to suggest. This will only get you verbally garroted. ...And banned.
02. We are all grammar whores in here. Deal with it. Periods, (especially) correct punctuation and grammar are essential. Horrible spelling, however, is allowed. That is, as long as we can actually decipher the real meaning behind your post.
03. T'is a MODERATED community; I do not find the idea of utter dumbfucks joining at all a generally appealing idea.
04. Feel free to be as rude and uncouth as you want; we encourage profanity. That is, sensible profanity. Do keep in mind that we do not appreciate the use of "fuck" after every other sentence; we will only make you out as a highly unstable character in dire need of mouthwash.

(Sister Communities: _superior, the___elite)